Hello folks,

I’m Teddy King, CEO of Handpans for Sale, a little startup company located in Hamburg, Germany. Our business is making buying a handpan easy, cost-effective and trustable.

Due to our wide network of contacts to makers and handpan players we are able to provide you reasonable handpan offers on a regular basis. If you are bothered by waiting lists, eBay listings, scammers and ridiculous sales philosophies, Handpans for Sale is your partner.


If you are looking for a Halo, BElls, Hang drum, Caisa, Innersound, Sunpan, Blue Point Steelharp, Spacedrum, SPB, Disco Armonico, Bali Steel Pan, Sagittarius Hand Pan or any other handpan, have a look at our current offers or sign up for regular information about new offers.

If you are a new maker, sent us an email to organise a collaboration. So you can completely zero in on your art while your distribution will be optimized by the specialists of Handpans for Sale.

Handpans for Sale is trustable. Read the Testimonials and some examples of communications with our customers.

Apart from our sales activities we are working on our new and revolutionary MePan 1.0 marking a new era of handpan building.

Teddy King
CEO Handpans for Sale

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